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Reports and pictures from my Dark Age demonstration games and events.
"Dark Age" is a Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Dark Age Games.

Outcast Demo Team

"Shadows in the Dark!"
16th April 2005, Wolfs Game Shop, KL.
Scott "Shinobi" Kirby & Yassine "Art de Vivre" Amraoui

The 'Malaysian Outcasts' had their third official Dark Age demonstration session on 16th April 2005, at Wolfs Game Shop in Kuala Lumpur.
A table was booked for four hours and three (yep, three!) demo games were played. The participants could choose from Brood or St John armies.
Prior to the games (in fact a week before) people were already asking whether they could play the Puds............. *ahem* Brood.............(note: There seems to be a little bit of Pud-Mania going on in the Tropics at the moment, with the vicious, little balls of flesh being many people's favourite unit!). Even as we were setting up the terrain for the Demo, you could hear faint chants of "Pud, pud, pud, puddily pud"............ insane I know, but those loveable little creatures seem to have a 'Pop-star' image here........ (I don't know why, it's not as if my constant cries of "Unleash your Pud" at every opportune moment has brainwashed other players or anything..............*ahem*)
Editor: Get on with it!!!!!
Anyway, back to the Demos. We held three demo games on our 3'x3' Sci-Fi Interior Terrain, which is still drawing a lot of positive comments. Would the Brood keep up their 100% Demo Victory record, or would the presence of the Forsaken Haniels (newly painted and added to Yassine's ranks) make any difference? Read on to find out.........

Table set-up.......
Outside the shop

All of the basic terrain pieces for our Sci-Fi Interior board are now 99% finished (the green panels on some of the walls need another highlight). Additional terrain pieces are now being planned, including some elevated floors and bulkheads.

"Cowardice shall not be tolerated!"
Shinobi gives pre-game motivation talk to participant Jon...

The first game of the day was a bad one for the Forsaken army. Not due to any tactical errors by the participant, but rather due to some very bad luck with the dice.
Forsaken (Azmin): St. John, Firestorms, Banes
Brood (Jon): Murtros, Sawblades, Pud Throwers
The Forsaken warband of St. John deployed on one side of the board just in front of the raised platform, with the Brood deploying on the opposite side. Clever deployment of the Brood Pud Throwers provided LOS at the start, allowing their living ammo, the much-loved Puds, to be thrown at enemies from the word go.

Game 1
Movement Map

Initiative for the first turn went the way of the Forsaken. The commander of St. Johns warband, Azmin, moved his Firestorm unit forward in order to get his ranged weapons nearer to the enemy. They were still well out of range, but it wouldn't be long. The turn then passed to the Brood commander (in Dark Age, players alternate activation. One player activates one unit, then the other player activate one unit, then it goes back to the first player etc etc). Activating his first unit (Pud Throwers), Jon moved the models a little forward and then "Unleashed their Puds!!". Their target was the Firestorms who had presented themselves.
Both Puds missed their targets and scattered. One landing a little to the right of the front Firestorm, the other Pud landing a little way behind the back Firestorm. Even though he had missed with his attack, a smirk appeared on Jon's face as he anticipated the Puds charging in next turn.
Azmin then activated St John who moved to his right to get cover from the flying balls of teeth (Puds).
Back to the Brood. Murtros was next, moving around the terrain pieces on his left to mirror St Johns movements. The Banes charged towards the Puds, with only one Bane able to reach the little critter. One Mace attack later, and the Pud was still there........ highly resilient things (actually they're not, but the Brood commander rolled very, very good Armour dice)!
The last unit to move were the Sawblades, who followed Murtros around the terrain towards St. John.

Jon moves Murtros.....
after the first wave of Puds had landed.

The positions at the end of Turn 1
Puds in the Forsaken camp! Murtros exposed!

Puds that are outside of a Pud Throwers control range move during the Lingering Effects phase, in other words, they act first in the turn before initiative is rolled. So began the second turn, with one Pud attacking and........and....... killing the Bane who failed with his attack in the first turn. The second Pud charged the nearest enemy which happened to be the front Firestorm. Failing his attack, both players rolled for initiative. The Brood won this time.
First up was Murtros, who was able to charge the Firestorms. They then failed their Fear check (which gave them a negative modifier on their dice rolls) and the front Firestorm got beaten to a pulp by the Brood Leader. He then used his Command skill to activate the Pud Throwers before the Forsaken. Slight move forward, hurling of nasty ammo skyward. Again no hits but the Puds scattered very close to the melee involving Murtros and the Firestorms.
OK, at this point the Forsaken commander, Azmin, didn't look at all well! There were four Puds on the loose, Murtros had taken out a Firestorm, and the Sawblades were about to charge in.

Murtros charges in.....
...... and a Firestorm is toast

Not looking good for St John
... at this point "Puds, puds, puds" was being chanted by Jon!

St John activated and moved in to help the remaining Firestorm against the Puds and Murtros. Killing a Pud and injuring Murtros, he then used his last Action Point to activate the Bane unit with Command. The Banes charged the other Puds and failed to kill any.
The Sawblades then moved in to have a share of the kills, with one charging the remaining Firestorm, and the other charging St John. The Firestorm was killed and St John injured.
The third turn proved to be very costly for Azmin, the Forsaken commander, with the Puds destroying the Bane unit, and the Brood winning initiative once again. Hmmmmm, St John vs. Murtros, two Sawblades, three active Puds (with two more still to be unleashed by Pud Throwers).......... not looking so peachy!
As he won the initiative, Jon activated Murtros, attacking St John and inflicting a wound, then using his last Action Point to activate the Sawblades who managed to kill off the Forsaken leader.......
Forsaken: All killed
Brood: One Pud killed!!

St John in a widdle bit of twubble...........
........... no miracles here though, he died.......pretty quickly!

Forsaken commander Azmin...
... contemplates what went wrong (and how to destroy his dice)

The second game of the day wasn't so bad for the Forsaken army. There was still some very bad luck with the dice for the Forsaken commander though.
Forsaken (Jon): St. John, Haniels, Strikes
Brood (Robert): Murtros, Sawblades, Pud Throwers
The Forsaken warband of St. John had different troops this time, using more Elite warriors in the hope that they could survive longer and dish out more damage. They deployed on one side of the board just in front of the raised platform with St John centralised, with the Brood deploying on the opposite side in a mirror deployment when compared with the first game.

Game 2
Movement Map

The Forsaken won initiative for the first turn. Jon moved the Haniels forward (their deadly guns have quite a short range). Robert moved the Pud throwers round to the left around the terrain that had protected Murtros in the previous game. For a change there were no flying Puds in the first turn due to a lack of LOS (line of sight) to enemy models.
St John moved forward, eager to close the distance to the monstrous Brood, confident in the Strikes' ability to aid him. Shooting twice with his Death Disc (nasty ranged weapon that fires circular saw blades), he manages to hit one of the Sawblades inflicting a wound. The Sawblades moved forward to counter St Johns movement. The Strikes then moving towards the Sawblades, followed lastly by Murtros who kept just behind the Sawblades to minimise shooting against him.

The Brood advance...
.....what a nice picture!!!!! Brood Butt

Second turn, and here come the Puds. Robert won initiative for the Brood, and activated the Pud Throwers. They had just enough move to turn the corner of the wall and let loose two Puds in the direction of the Haniels. One pud missed and scattered near to one of the Strikes, the other however hit a Haniel full on and caused a wound.
Activating the Haniels, Jon attempted to shoot at the Pud that was happily chewing away at his his Haniels foot, missing all his shots, and the other Haniel shot once at the Pud Throwers who were out of range, and used another shot to kill the lonesome Pud who had missed its target previously.
The Sawblades came next and moved slightly forward towards St John. This was greeted by a charge by the Strikes, who managed to inflict a wound on the previously wounded Sawblade (taking him out of the game because in the following turn he failed his regeneration roll). Murtros joined in the melee, killing one of the Strikes. Lastly St John came charging in, taking Murtros down to 0 Hit Points. Now normally this would mean that a figure is killed and out of the game, but Murtros has Regeneration...... he could still survive (depending on the dice rolls).

Does this appear familiar??
Pud attacks on Forsaken targets.......

Brood Assault
Lack of Puds though!!

With the start of the next turn, Robert, the Brood commander, attempted his Regeneration rolls, with Murtros regaining two wounds, and the remaining Sawblade regaining one wound.
The sole Pud on the table, continued his chewing of the Haniels foot, but only getting leather to eat as his attack failed.
The Brood won initiative once again, Robert activating Murtros and attacking St John...................... who went down to a single Hit Point after the barrage from the Brood Leader. Using Command, the Sawblade was activated, killing off St John and the last of the Strikes.
Not looking good for the Forsaken.

What's that you say Jar-Jar????
The Brood Rock???? Hell-yeah!!!!

The game ended pretty quickly after that, with the Pud Throwers launching more Puds to surround the Haniels, who dispatched most of the small balls of teeth......... but Murtros and the Sawblades eventually caught up with them and the rest...... as they say....... is history.
Forsaken: All killed
Brood: One Sawblade, 5 Puds killed

....... tasty!!!

The third game of the day turned out to be quite an event, since one of the players was a big CCG (collectible card game - Magic, WWF etc) gamer, and had never played a miniatures game before. After the game he was eager to start miniatures gaming, beginning with Dark Age.
Forsaken (Ian): St. John, Haniels, Banes
Brood (Tech): Murtros, Sawblades, Pud Throwers
The Forsaken warband of St. John deployed on one side of the board just almost the same as in Game 2, but with Banes taking the place of the Strikes, with the Brood deploying on the opposite side with the Pud Throwers centralised, and Murtros and the Sawblades on the right flank.

Game 3
Movement Map

Unfortunately there are no photos to accompany this game......... sorry!!!
This game was probably the closest in terms of the Forsaken having chances to win the game, but once again, bad luck with the dice led to the demise of the Forsaken.
Forsaken won the initiative, the commander (Ian) moving the Haniels forward (once again), hoping to get some shots off at the Pud Throwers directly opposite them. The Brood player (Tech - CCG player, virgin miniatures gamer) sent his first unit (Pud Throwers) forward and behind the 'L' shaped wall in front of them, providing total cover from any ranged attacks.
Ian activated St John next, moving him to the left to counter the deployment of the Brood Murtros and Sawblades. Speaking of which, the Sawblades were then moved forwards down the right flank. The Banes followed their leader St John, and Murtros moved beside his trusty Sawblades.

Brood won the next turns initiative, and moved Murtros further down the right flank to a position very threatening to the unit of Banes and St John himself. I should mention at this point that Murtros was alone, very alone, and the use of the Command ability would've ben useful, but the player forgot to use it........
St John then decides to swagger around the terrain (behind which Murtros was trying hard to be invisible) and wallops the Brood leader with his souped-up weapon. Ouch!!! Two wounds to Murtros. Ian then uses the Command ability...... very good decision this, as the Banes come through the terrain, one reaching Murtros but failing to wound the genetic giant.
Brood activation, and Tech charges the Sawblades into action, one bundling into St John, the other into the Bane that attack his leader.
Bish, Bash, Bosh.......... One dead Bane, St John wounded. What's worse for Ian is that St John is now being ganged-up (in Dark Age if you have more than one model in base contact with an enemy, it makes it easier to hit him and hurt him!).
The Haniels move slightly but with no targets in LOS, they end their activation.
As the last unit to activate, the Pud Throwers emerge from their hiding place and hurl two Puds straight at the Haniels. Both miss and scatter wildly.
Initiative will be crucial in the next turn.

Oh-yeah, initiative proved to be the killer for the third turn. Brood won........ I think people can guess what happened........ Murtros activates, kills St John, uses Command to activate the Sawblades, who then kill the Banes.......... problem time for the Forsaken again!!!!
Haniels shoot at the Pud Throwers, inflicting one wound, and also killing one Pud. Pud Thowers then activate, throwing two more Puds (which both scatter again)..... leaving a battlefield comprising of two Haniels, surrounded by Puds, and with Murtros, two Sawblades and two Pud Throwers advancing...........
One turn later and only the Brood were left.

The demos were great fun, with all participants picking up the rules very quickly. The Brood keep their 100% Demo record despite the presence of the Haniels.... I wonder what they'll try next??? Nathaniel and Orchid??? The Brood should have a Gazelle and some Ratchets ready to provide some variety for the Brood. Maybe the Grist as well........ we'll see.
Overall the demos were a success, with players and observers asking when the rulebook is going to be released, when Wolf is going to get the figures...... pretty positive stuff. Terrain and miniatures went down well, with many shoppers stopping to have a look.
And special congratulations to Tech, who had his very first miniatures game at the demo, and won. Now to totally bring him away from card games and focus on getting the "Lead Addiction"!!!!
Scott 'Shinobi' Kirby

Unleash your Pud!!!