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Reports and pictures from my Dark Age demonstration games and events.
"Dark Age" is a Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Dark Age Games.

Outcast Demo Team

"Interior Decorating"
31st December 2004, Wolfs Game Shop, KL.

The 'Malaysian Outcasts' had their second official Dark Age demonstration session on 31st December 2004, at Wolfs Game Shop in Kuala Lumpur.
A table was booked for four hours and two games were played. The participants could choose from Brood or St John armies.
This would give interesting battles since both the Brood and St John are focused more on close combat.
As it turned out, both games had the Brood winning......... but this was mainly due to some excellent Regeneration rolls by the Brood player in the first game, and some extremely deadly Puds in the second game.
This was the first time our new Sci-Fi Interior terrain board was used in demos and it really went down well with a lot of people asking how it was made, and statements of "Wow!!".

Table set-up.......
Outside the shop

Some of the wall pieces still require a bit more highlighting with Pewter coloured paint, but the overall effect of the board seemed to be acceptable to all participants ;-).
The photo below shows off the board tiles well. Basically the entire floor of the board is made of 4" x 4" sections that can be placed in any arrangement, but for the demo we arranged into a simple square measuring 3' x 3'.

The seperate floor sections can be seen here
Joined togather to make a 3' x 3' playing surface

The first demonstration game was the closest of the two, with the advantage passing from one player to the other regularly.
The Forsaken warband of St. John deployed on one side of the board, with the Brood deploying on the raised platform near the main entrance. Due to the layout of the terrain, Line-of-Sight (LOS) was available from the start, and this was to play a big part in both games.

The work begins.....
Yassine (standing) giving a quick intro to the rules before the game

The Forsaken warband moved towards the Brood, making the best use of cover, with the Firestorm and St John moving around the walls to their left, and the Banes moving straight forward.
The Brood Pud Throwers moved a little bit forward towards the Bane unit, and made a good range guess (39cm measured after stating the shot - max range is 40cm!!) before "Unleashing their Puds". These little critters that are basically balls of flesh and teeth took out one of the Bane troopers in an explosion of blood that had both players exclaiming "Whoa, those Puds are deadly!!". The Brood Sawblades and Murtros moved around the walls on their right to counter the Firestorm and St John.
Further Pud throwing was ineffective for the rest of the game though, as was St John's Ranged attacks with his Death Disk (he caused one wound on a Pud Thrower which was regenerated the following turn).
Seeing the Sawblades and Murtros moving to intercept them, St John and the Firestorm retraced their steps and joined back up with the Bane unit in the centre of the board, hoping to remove the Pud threat before more Banes were lost.
The Brood player then took a big risk, and seperated Murtros from the Sawblades, running him straight towards St John in the centre of the board without cover!!!!!

Murtros charges out of cover.......
... towards the waiting power of the Forsaken warband.....

The game then descended into a mass melee, with Murtros facing St John and the Firestorm, and the Pud Throwers facing the Banes.........
Combat started off well for the Forsaken with Murtros taken down and one of the Pud Throwers suffering the same fate......... but......... but........... unbelieveable Regeneration rolls saw the Brood figures coming back into the fight........
The face of the Forsaken player was a real picture....... stunned disbelief accompanied by "What the ......? I don't believe it!!!!".
Mutros then retaliated against the Forsaken leader and with the aid of his Command skill (allows a friendly unit to be activated out of sequence) brought in the Sawblades to finish off the job.
The Pud Throwers took out a Bane soon after.
Seeing her leader taken out, the Firestorm unleashed a stream of flames that wounded both Sawblades but unfortunately didn't kill them.
The Brood won the intiative on the next turn........ and Forsaken was on the menu..........

The second game saw the Brood and Forsaken deployed on the same edges of the board as in Game 1.
The Brood again deployed on the raised platform, but this time grouped together near the center of the board. The Forsaken were deployed as a group, also near the centre of the board.
This game really showed off the deadly effects of the Puds.
The Brood won initiative, and elected to activate the Pud Throwers first. Moving them slightly forward again, two Puds were then hurled across the board towards the Bane unit. Both hit troopers and both killed troopers. First turn, first activation, two Banes killed and two Puds amongst the Forsaken looking for more fresh meat!!!!!

Puds fall from the sky......
Razor sharp teeth making short work of two Bane troopers

Passing their Panic check, the Banes were then activated to squash the Puds, and move towards the Brood. All other models used their Action Points to move towards their enemies (with St John missing his ranged attack with his Death Disk).

The Brood advance...
.....under the watchful eye of Murtros

On the second turn, the Brood won the initiative again, and two Puds went flying towards St John. One bounced off his armour, but the other turned out to be the Pud from Hell....... inflicting 2 wounds on St John as he rolled a critical armour failure!!!!!
Annoyed at this creature (just a little bit), St John brought his powered-up weapon to bear on the Pud that had so badly hurt him, and managed to miss with all but one of his attacks, and found that the 1 attack that did hit the pud bounced off the blighter (the Brood player rolled a 1 for his armour save!!!!!)
The following turn saw close combat between the sides, with the Forsaken commander giving a victorious cheer as his Banes and Firestorm took Murtros out of the game. The smiles turned to sadness however, when a Pud Thrower walked up to St John and gently tapped him on his head with his Pud Throwing Stick causing 1 wound and killing him. The Banes and Firestorm quickly followed!!!!

Forsaken warband........
... Pud snacks.... mmmmmm...... yummy!

The demo was a great success, with all players enjoying themselves and asking about the game, the figures and the terrain. They all agreed that the game is fast, fun and worth looking into, with a lot of positive comments about the figures.
Everyone also agreed that the "Man-of-the-Match" was the 'Pud from Hell' than inflicted 2 wounds on St John (not easy at the best of times) and who also survived a whole round of St John's attacks with his souped-up Power Maul.
The next demo is planned for February (keep your eyes on the Demo Schedule) and we shall have more dedicated terrain (especially walls and other cover), and hopefully more painted figures for people to drool over. We are planning to bring in Skarrd and Dragyri armies for the next demo dependant on the time available to get them ordered and painted up.
Scott 'Shinobi' Kirby

Plans are afoot to expand the terrin board.......
.... to make it 4' x 4'!!!!

Unleash your Pud!!!