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Reports and pictures from my Dark Age demonstration games and events.
"Dark Age" is a Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Dark Age Games.

Outcast Demo Team

"First Contact"
13th November 2004, Wolfs Game Shop, KL.

The 'Malaysian Outcasts' had their first official Dark Age demonstration session on 13th November 2004, at Wolfs Game Shop in Kuala Lumpur.
A table was booked for four hours and two games were played. The participants could choose from Brood, St Mark or St John armies. For both games, the participants chose to fight Brood vs. St Mark.
This would give interesting battles since the Brood are more focused on close-combat, and St Mark is focused more on ranged combat.
As it turned out, both games had the Brood winning comfortably......... but this was mainly due to some excellent Regeneration rolls by the Brood players, and not so much because of poor tactics.

Explaining the rules...
Art-de-Vivre left (face hidden), Kravnus top right

We are currently finishing off some major terrain projects for Dark Age, and since only a couple of pieces had been finished by the time this demo was staged, we had to dig around to find enough suitable pieces. The large 'Egyptian' gate is to be part of a larger 'Egyptian' terrain set including a temple, pyramids and walls.
We also have a large indoor playing board in progress, hopefully ready for our next demonstration session.
During both games, there was a lot of fun and tension. The players enjoyed the games, finding the rules to be simple to learn, and the miniatures very impressive (the games shop owner was asked by the players to get them some). One thing that tended to be a problem was that the game is based on a 'low-roll is better' system. This is the opposite of many wargames, and the players kept forgetting this and cursing when the dice rolled '1'. When we reminded them that a '1' is good, a quick slap of the forehead and a big smile followed. Likewise, when they rolled a '20', the smile quickly faded when they realised that the roll meant disaster!

Outside the shop....
.... many shoppers stopped to look

The first demonstration game was the closest, with the Brood taking a number of casualties from St Mark's powerful shooting.
The Brood deployed around the large gate terrain piece, ready to make the best use of the few terrain pieces in the centre of the board. The St Mark warband clustered together in some ruins.

Game 1
Brood deployment

Game 1
St Mark deployment

The St Mark warband didn't move much for the whole game, instead preferring to stay at distance and use their ranged weapons. St Mark has a horrendous weapon that does a lot of damage and a long range.... luckily for the Brood player, his troops have Regeneration or the game would have been over a lot quicker and they would not have been able to savour the sweet taste of victory. Also in the St Mark warband were a unit of Coils. These troops also have a nasty ranged weapon called 'Death Discs'...... imagine a weapon that fires circular saw blades at high velocity..... uh-huh you got the picture.

The Brood start their attack...
.... under a hail of missiles

Shinobi watches the Brood commander......
....... trying not to laugh as the Puds start flying

The Brood player sent his Pud Throwers down the right flank, trying to get within Pud thowing range (Puds are small bundles of flesh and teeth....... that supposedly taste like chicken!). St Mark stopped them in their tracks though with some good shooting (only Regeneration saved the Pud Throwers). They then moved slightly towards the centre of the board where more cover was available.
The Sawblades and Murtros (leader) moved down the left flank to where the Coils and the Reaver were hiding. One Sawblade went down, and the other would have if not for some good Regeneration rolls. A couple of turns later saw the remaining Sawblade and Murtros chopping little pieces out of the Reaver and the Coils.
Whilst his troops were being slaughtered, St Mark had to deal with a Pud infestation. The Throwers had gotten into range and were throwing two of the blighters every turn.
The game ended with St Mark struck down by Murtros after taking two wounds from the Puds.

Not a good sight for the Forsaken.....
.... some big hurt is coming their way

The second game saw the Brood and Forsaken deployed on the same edges of the board as in Game 1.
The Brood again deployed around the 'Egyptian' gate, but this time the St Mark warband split their deployment, with the Coils on the right flank, and St Mark and the Reaver on the left.
The basic tactics were the same as the first game, with the Pud Throwers moving down the left flank this time, and the Sawblades and Murtros moving down the right flank. Again, St Mark and his lackeys pretty much stayed put and relied on firepower.

Brood rampage.....
........ they think its all over.......

It didn't take long for the Pud Throwers to get into range of the Coils and their Pud ammo had a 'fast food' lunch of the humans. The Puds then proceeded to make their way around the terrain to threaten the rear of St Mark and the Reaver.
Meanwhile St Mark's powerful gun proved to be very inaccurate, and before he knew what was happening, he and the Reaver were surrounded by Murtros, two Sawblades and a couple of ravenous Puds. Unfortunately for him, the Brood won initiative, and with clever use of the Murtros' Command rule, was hacked to pieces by the Brood.

It is now........
....... St Mark in BIG, BIG trouble!

Everyone involved with the demo had a lot of fun. The rules got a thumbs up by the participants, and the miniatures got a lot of admiring looks by passers-by and other gamers.
The next demo is planned for December (keep your eyes on the Demo Schedule) and we shall have dedicated terrain, and hopefully more painted figures for people to drool over.
Scott 'Shinobi' Kirby