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Reports and pictures from my "Dogs of War" demonstration games and events.
"Dogs of War" is a Modern Era Skirmish game by Devil Dog Design.

Black Ops Demo Team

"Technology Sucks"
7th August 2004, Wolfs Game Shop, KL.

A gaming table at Wolfs Game Shop was booked for three hours in the afternoon, and two games were played. One-on-one, with one fire-team each.
Scenario played:

A Blackhawk helicopter carrying a single US Ranger Fire-team has developed mechanical problems and must crash-land. Unfortunately they are currently flying over an area under Al-Qaeda control. The crew has radioed for help, and luckily another Blackhawk helicopter is close by. The US Ranger passengers must survive long enough for the rescue helicopter to arrive and pick them up.


Game length:

D6+3 turns



The US Ranger player must have at least two surviving and conscious members of his fire-team at the end of the game. The Al-Qaeda player must try and eliminate a minimum of three of the US models.

The Al-Qaeda began deployment by setting his fire-team up within the compound at the centre of the table. Once happy with his positioning, the US player chose a position on the table for his Blackhawk to crash-land. Then, rolling for deviation found it moved 10" to the right, behind a hill and giving him a safe start to the game. He was quite happy... until the Al-Qaeda player rolled for the game duration... 8 turns... this wiped the smile from the US players face. His team would have to survive 8 turns of combat to win the game.

Game 1 Deployment

Turn 1
The US won initiative and moved away from the wreckage of the helicopter, up the hill and fall prone behind the bushes on the far side. They had enough AP left to have a shot each at the enemy below. Only one Al-Qaeda Commando was visible... the RPK Machine Gunner. With three M16 shots and one SAW burst heading his way, I'm sure he was wishing that he was behind cover, as his body was torn limb from limb by a total of 4 successful hits. Taken to -2 HP, he was out of the game (note: for the demo, we played such that taken to 0 HP means KIA). Not a good start for the Al-Qaeda player, who then proceeded to vigorously point the "finger of doom" at the fallen model and say a few things that cannot be repeated here...!
Then it was his turn to try and get some revenge. Activating the normal Commando, he moved the model around the corner of the building and took a shot at the hidden Rangers. Rolling the dice... a miss. He decided to keep his Leader hidden up on the first floor of the building, out of sight of the US, and then went to his last remaining model... the RPG guy. Now this weapon can be very deadly in DoW. In my very first game of DoW, I had an entire team of Green Berets taken out by one of these deadly weapons (must remember to spread out my group, don't cluster, don't cluster). He moved the RPG Gunner further into the compound into a position where he could see the Rangers, and fired... a miss. He was not happy (add more expletives here...). I tried to cheer him up by saying that now we roll for deviation (after all, it has to land somewhere). He rolled for random direction and distance, and found that instead of landing directly on top of one Ranger, it hit a point between two Rangers, catching them both in the blast. His smile returned, and he rolled the dice to see what effect it would have on the two unfortunate warriors. One dead, and one seriously injured. Now it was the US player to start the cursing...

"Finger of Doom"

Turn 2
This time the Al-Qaeda won the initiative... luckily since the normal Commando was standing in the open and would face the full force of gunfire that had taken out his comrade in the first turn. Taking a shot first and wounding a Ranger, the Al-Qaeda player then (wisely) moved the Commando back around the corner in cover. Next he activated the RPG gunner, who reloaded his RPG and fell prone. The Leader then emerged from cover and took a couple of shots at the Rangers, wounding one and finishing another off. Not looking good for the US, two models KIA, and one wounded. He only had to lose another one and the game was over.
The US player stood firm, stating that it was a minor inconvenience having half his team taken out... this was then followed by a successful Morale check. Shooting back, his remaining Rangers managed to inflict a Flesh Wound on the Al-Qaeda Leader (note: this does 1 HP damage, but doesn't inflict any other penalties). Turn 2 over, another 6 to go and that RPG gunner had another grenade loaded...

Al-Qaeda Commando Team

Turn 3
Al-Qaeda won the initiative for Turn 3. The look on the US players face, the look, the look... Up stood the RPG gunner, a broad smile prominent on the Al-Qaeda players face as he shook the dice for the RPG shot, quite a long shake too, demotivation special... the dice hit the table, rolled, and then, and then..... a miss! Deviation?? The pleading face of the the Al-Qaeda player wasn't enough as the RPG round plummeted into the ground way behind the hill (add expletives here...). All was not lost though as the Leader took aim and fired. The 5.45mm bullet shattering the branches in front of the Ranger Leaders face and passing through... him. A hit to the head, with a damage roll of -2 (note: This means dead, yep DEAD).
Three Rangers KIA, three turns... Game Over.
One-Nil to the Al-Qaeda.

The Al-Qaeda player began deployment by setting his fire-team up within the compound at the centre of the table. Very similar positioning to the first game. Once happy with his positioning, the US player again chose a position on the table for his Blackhawk to crash-land. Now, this time the deviation roll turned up an interesting scenario. The helicopter ended up right next to the building compound where the enemy were waiting. Hmmm... no chance of hiding for the Rangers, they'll have to take the fight to the Al-Qaeda this time instead of hanging back and making it a long range battle (not a good idea when you're up against an RPG!). The Al-Qaeda player then rolled for game duration... 9 turns... WOW! Not good for the US player.

RPG movement

Turn 1
The Al-Qaeda won initiative and moved through the buildings into firing positions. They couldn't see much since the US were positioned the other side of the Blackhawk wreckage. But one model fell prone and took a shot at a Rangers feet. Unsurprisingly he missed (he needed to roll '1'). The other members of the team just moved into better positions, hoping to get clear shots next turn if the Rangers moved out.
The US player (obviously wanting to have better results than the player in the first game), decided to try out his M67 Grenades. Now these things are pretty short ranged, but really pack a wallop. He activated his Scout Ranger and, moving slightly to get a sight of the enemy, threw his first grenade. Smack on target. One Commando dead (note: if a model is caught in the centre of an explosion, they are killed outright - told you these things were deadly!). Another Commando (the RPG carrier) was caught in the blast, survived but was knocked unconscious. After a few "Hurrahs" and pats on the back from the US player in the first game, he then activated his second Ranger, crawling him under the tail of the helicopter. The Ranger Leader was then moved along the helicopters side ready to crawl under the tail next turn. The SAW gunner moved slightly in the opposite direction, ready to counter the possible attacks from the Commando coming in from that direction.
Turn 1 finished. One Commando dead, one unconscious, no problems for the Rangers.

Turn 2
The Al-Qaeda player won initiative and rolled to see if the RPG guy regained consciousness... nope, still sleeping soundly. The Commando Leader had no LOS to the US and decided to stay where he was. The Commando moving around the building towards the SAW Gunner thought better of it and retraced his steps. The other members of his team were either dead or sleeping. On to the US.
The SAW Gunner saw how effective his friends Grenade throwing was and decided to try the same trick against the Al-Qaeda Leader up on the first floor of the building. A beautiful throw (a contract from the MLB is in the post) as the Grenade looped over the ruined wall of the first floor and settled into the poor Commando Leaders lap. BOOM, bye bye, rest in pieces!! The rest of the team moved under the helicopter tail and towards the corner of the building where the splattered remains of the first Al-Qaeda casualty decorated the wall.

Game 2 Action

Turn 3
The US won initiative. Groans were heard from the Al-Qaeda camp since they knew what was going to happen... The Rangers that had been crawling under the helicopter made their move. One of them moved into contact with the unconscious Commando, slitting his throat as he slumbered (that makes three dead, and the last Commando very, very worried), especially as he saw the SAW Gunner climb over the wall, come within 5" of him and call for his surrender. A failed Morale check from the Al-Qaeda player then saw him drop his weapon and place his hands over his head.
Three dead Commandos, one surrendered. No casualties for the Rangers. A US Victory. One - One.

US Ranger Team

The games ended long before the rolled durations. Both were fast and furious, with time taken to explain the rules. There was some absolutely diabolical dice rolling, but it seemed to spread out over all players. Fingers were pointed, curses shouted, blame aimed at everthing and everyone around the area... but it was all in good humour.
Everyone involved seemed to have fun, with many comments and laughs during the time. I hope that all players and onlookers enjoyed the games as much as I enjoyed running them.
Wolf will be bringing in the figures and rules, so hopefully more people can enjoy this excellent skirmish game.
More demos will be held at later dates, keep an eye on the demo schedule on the Shinobi1971 site.